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Montrose Bike Shop
2501 Honolulu Ave , Montrose
(818) 249-3993


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montrose bike has changed hands...and thats good! That fat f**K who used to own the shop was worthless all he did was count his money. There are nice workers there especially that old fart Bill and the younger blonde dude who's been there like forever. Youre not gonna get any sweet deals here nor would you get one at any other LBS. But you will probably find the part you need even though it may be some sloppy Specialized pile of crap or Bontranger feces pimped out from the Trek
library of garbage. I wish someone there would have the balls to sell Santa Cruz, Kona or something different for a change. Anyways, now its a good shop because "Jabba the Hut" is gone.
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I can't believe some of the negative comments posted about this
shop. I'm from out of town but recently bought a Specialized
mountain bike from these guys and all I can say is I was treated
with the utmost courtesy and had all my questions and concerns
addressed in a thoroughly professional manner.I would happily
recommend this shop to anyone.
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John Parmer a 53 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized Epic FSR,
This place is terrible, but i never learn and i kept going
back....the straw that broke the camels back, i took my
Specialized E5 to them to have a couple hundred dollars of work
done before summer began, i was having a new campy record
chain put on, so i gave it to them and asked them to put it on
for me since its such a bitch to put on at home....couple days
later i go to pick it up, i pay , leave the shop and go home to
ride, later on i check the bill, and they charged me $70 bucks for
the chain that was already mine.. i know, my fault, i should have
checked the bill, but theyve screwed up so many times its
enough, go to velo pasadena or incycle for better prices and
nicer people
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Claudius a 24 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Specialized Enduro Comp/E5,
Staff is grumpy. I also wish this bike shop catered to racers a bit more. The staff and probably managment seem to only want the family type buyer with the wallet in hand. After telling one of the people helping me that I was a racer, he actually made the remark, we do not really like racers. Too bad. Great building and location.
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Greg a 31 year old Racer, riding a Seven Mtn. / Cannondale Road,
Great bike shop. I recentley had a crankset conversion (triple to compact double) on my Specialized Roubaix. I spoke with numerous people that told me I needed a new drivetrain (derailleurs, cassette and possibley chain), but not wanting to spend the money I listened to a tech/salesman at Montrose who told me only change the crankset and I will be fine. After about 3 months of riding the conversion, still no worries, the bike works perfect. And another shop wanted over twice the cost of Montrose to do the job.
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Jeff a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a 2005 Specialized Roubaix 27 (converted to a 18),
Studies of economics show that there really is no incentive for
people to post bogus negative reviews, whereas employees of an
establishment have an incentive to pump themselves up by
posting fake positive reviews.

Anyway, I really wanted to like Montrose, because of its location
and the way the place looks. However, I've have more than a few
bad interactions with the people that run the place. When I go in
there, it seems like I have to actively work to get some attention,
even if no one else is in the shop.
I also don't like that they don't carry Campagnolo stuff. In fact,
their selection of discrete componentry is extremely limited.
Shops like this make me go to eBay.

Budget is a million times better. I was almost embarassed by
how much time they spent helping me pick out a cheap stem.
Open Road is the only place I will go for repairs. Steve does the
job at a great price, quickly, and well.
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From a 21 year old Racer, riding a bike from italy with italian parts,

Montrose bike absolutely sucks! I have a 2003 Trek 9.8 carbon-fiber mtn bike, cost me $2,200 a couple years back. Well, i went into Montrose bike shop and the lazy bike mechanic/cust serv rep came out from behind the monkey pit and i asked him about my Trek. I asked him if i could put disc brakes on my frame, if it was possible. The guy (I think his name is Jeff) looked at my bike and stated I could not put on disc brakes, no way, not compatable w/disc brakes. I asked him whta the holes on the end of the frame were for and he stated, "for a fender." I thought me was full of shot so i went to another bike shop, budget bikes in Eagle Rock. Well they sold me a metal adaptor for my Trek and needless to say i now have DISC BRAKES on my Trek 9.8. What a fuckin moron, instead of syaing, "I don't know" he told me my bike was not compatable for disc brakes. Ignorant man, suppose to be knowledgeable.
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armen a 33 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a trek 9.8,
problem with a site like this is that your hearing only the
dissatisfied customers opinions. the other 99.99% (the
satisfied customers) don't even know this site exists. i only
stumbled across it because i was looking for the shops
address on google. i must say...this shop is nice
and the guys are very cool. i have been riding for 20 years,
racing cross country and downhill for 7 years. i know
how to take care of my bike....for the most part. i took it to
montrose bike shop to have my disc brakes repaired. i had
taken them to another shop which will remain anonymous
because they are nice guys, but just couldn't fix my brakes.
montose bike shop....
next day, and the brakes are working like new again. there
was a cool vibe at the store, the guys there are
knowledgeable and friendly. they know what they are
doing and they have the best bikes in the
world! "specialized'. i will be traveling to montrose for all
my cycling
needs from this day forth.
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michael davison a 31 year old Racer, riding a specialized epic and intense m1,
I bought extra spokes here before a 500 mile bike trip I
took down HWY 1. They had my bike in the store to
figure out what size to use and I bought 4 extra spokes
which I was told were the right size. On my trip I broke a
spoke 5 miles outside of San Simeon without about half
an hour before the sunset. None of the spokes fit, so I
had to flag down a passing truck and ask for a ride to
the nearest lodging. I then wasted half a day in
Cambria waiting for the bike shop to open and replace
the spoke on my bike. I'm going to do a cross-country
trip pretty soon, so guess who I'm avoiding.
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Greg a 19 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a really nice bike,
I used to work at Montrose Bike Shop and now that I have moved out of state, I cannot find a shop anywhere near as good. I have tried every shop in my new city and surrounding area and have had to resort to paying Montrose for shipping costs in order to get what I really need. I recommend this shop to anyone and everyone. One of the managers is a BMX guru, who knows more about BMX than I ever thought possible. The other manager has ridden cross-country mountain bikes and road bikes for 30 years and I'll consider myself lucky if I ever have the mechanical esperience that he does. The rest of the guys are damn knowledgeable and if for, some reason, they don't know something, one of the managers would. Other than the knowledge of the staff, the next best thing about this shop is that EVERYONE RIDES. So, think what you may of the previous reviews, but I think it is the best bike shop I have ever dealt with in my life.
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Russell Rose a 23 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Spec. Stmpjmpr Pro, Stndrd STA-500, S&M NG Drtbke,
The absolute rudest people I've ever encountered in my life. I spent over two thousand dollars on a road bike from Montrose Bike shop just last month. And yesterday? Two sales people in a row simply walked away from me mid sentence and went right back to servicing bikes. I've had the same problem with the front tire of my mountain bike for two years now. Not only are they unable to solve the problem, they're certain the problem's me. I'd bet a Parisian bike shop would be more polite. Outside of the Hofbrau House in Munich, it's the worst I've ever been treated in any establishment in the world. And I cannot overstate this enough. Glendale Cyclery will get all my business from now on.
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Michael Kalesniko a 41 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Specialized Enduro FSR + Alley M4,
Know what you want before you go in. Selection & service are adequate. Be prepared to bring you bike back to the service department several times before the actual problem is fixed.
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Paul a 30 year old Weekend Warrior,
One of the best LA-area shops. I started
going to Montrose after turned-off by snooty
staff at some shop on Beverly Blvd. There are
several experienced people who work at
Montrose - I try to avoid the ones who look like
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Paul a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Serotta Colorado,
Okay bike shop, okay selection, okay mechanics.
Depending on who helps you, you will either get a rude person or somewhat friendly. In either case, they definitely know more than you, at least in their own mind, about anything concerning bicycles. If they sell it, its good. If they don't, its not something you want at least according to them. A shop that is kind of a good example of why people buy mail order.
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Biff Squawkanawfulot a 35 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a KHS Team FXT,
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