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Bicycle Johns
1022 N Hollywood Way , Burbank
(818) 848-8330


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If you ride a bike that cost less than $6,000, I would avoid this shop like the plague. The only way you will get any notice and respect in this place is if you are willing to throw down lots of money.

The mechanics here are useless and arrogant. I was going for a ride, when I realized I needed a derailleur adjustment. Tried to do it myself to no avail, so I took my bike here since it is closer to my house than my regular shop and after getting lectured (literally) on how you need to be a "master mechanic" to adjust derailleurs. Well, his attempt was no better than mine. Ended up skipping the ride and going to my regular shop (Open Road Bike Shop in Pasadena) where I received the personal attention and excellent service that I'm used to.
I'll only go here if I need a new tube in an emergency.
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Peter a 38 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Torelli Titanium,

I went in to get fitted for my road bike. It was a disaster. I should have left. Bicycle John's employee named Andy could care less that I was there to be fitted. He ranted on about me needing to purchase this and that for my bike. After I finally purchased a handlebar extension he was done fitting me. I went in to have them readjust my bike and wanted for 45 mins. Then Andy had to run off to run some errands not telling his fellow emplyees that they were to help me. I've found the staff to be eager and willing to help when your spending money but not when something needs there attention.
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Dave Marez a 48 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Lite Speed Firenze,
I went here on the recommendation of an experienced triathlete to get what I needed for my first triathlon. They offer "tri-packs" which include almost everything you need for the race, including bike, wetsuit, helmet... The service is slow, but most employees are experienced (even though they want to talk for hours about details a beginner can't understand). I placed my order and was told that my bike and wetsuit would be ready in a week. A week later I called and was told the order hadn't been placed, since I hadn't put down a deposit. No one told me I needed to do that. I returned, gave them several hundred dollars and was told it would be another week. Five weeks later, after placing several phone calls and never hearing back, I was finally told my bike and wetsuit were ready for pick up. When I got there, the pedals and handlebars were not installed. I had to go BACK (now my 4th visit). On my second bike ride, the pedal came off, a mile into the ride, and when I had a professional (not a Bicycle Johns employee) fix it, he could tell that the bolt had not been properly tightened with a wrench. It seemed the salesperson only hand-tightened the bolt. I'm lucky it was only a mile into the ride and that I wasn't injured when the pedal flew off. Overall, it was a very disappointing experience
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baker a 36 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a scott,
Here is the deal! If you want something from this shop. GO DIRECTLY TO THE MECHANICS. I would suggest Christian or Scott. They know just about everything. Just let them know that you want them to work on your bike, NO ONE ELSE. I have had no problems with these 2 mechanics. They seem to take pride in getting thier customers bikes done on time. Prices are on the high side for retail, but fair for the labor.
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steve a 35 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a many,
Hands down the best bike shop in LA. Best people, products, and
service. Sometimes it is hard to get help there because they are so
busy and they are so busy because they are so good. Be patient and
you will get great service, John has always given me amazing
bargains and made me feel like part of the family. Love this bike
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Peter a 51 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Titus Racer X, Merckx 3XM,
Nice Shop,But bad service.They have all the cool eye candy but their prices are a joke. They have complete idiots working there who just want to sell you want they like not what you need.I will never subject myself to that again.
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Bill Meyers a 38 year old Racer, riding a Orbea,
Okay, upon reading all of these reviews, I've concluded that
there are more than a few put-up reviews from Bicycle John's
insiders. When I read,

"Bicycle John is one of the most knowledgable people in the
industry today."

... I'm thinking, wow, this is just a lame attempt at advertising
copy. It's a total cliche. I'd suggest that the canny reader stick to
actual, fact-based accounts.

With that in mind, the three major negative critiques suggested
by multiple reviewers are: 1) Can't get service work done on
time, 2) Can't do service work properly, resulting in
malfunctioning bicycles post-service (with at least one injury
resulting) and 3) Inflated retail a service prices.

I'll bet people would complain less about premium prices if they
received premium service. Based on the specific anecdotes
posted here, they're not.

John, I suggest it's time to step up your service game, and stop
making excuses.
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Lame repair shop. They're supposed to be a Cannondale service
center, so I took my V900 in for a tune-up. It needed new brake
pads, and they said they didn't have them in stock (um, and
they're a Cannondale service rep?) but that they could get them
in 3-4 days, and have the bike done in a week, tops.

Well, one week turned into almost three weeks. I called
Cannondale, asked what's the deal on parts, they said John's
should have been able to get them quickly. So I confronted
John's and a woman there made all kinds of excuses about how
a shipment went missing or stolen, blah blah, whatever. I'm still
trying to be patient with them, so I let it go.

When I got the bike home and went for my first ride, didn't take
long for the chain to break -- they hadn't re-attached a chain
link properly, and it broke off. Now, this is a total rookie
mistake; if you have the right tools (ie. a chain rivet crimper),
you can do this no sweat. But they didn't; cost me a day's ride
and a walk of several miles. Really peeved me, because I'd just
spent $120 on a tune-up, and here I am working on my own
bike, just 6 hours after it comes back from John's. I reattached
the link, but only because I have the right tool, which many
riders wouldn't... but the point is, WHY AM I WORKING ON MY

Bottom line, I'm looking for another bike mechanic.

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Tom a 46 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Cannondale V900,

I just recently bought a bike from this shop. A high end Ti. From a price standpoint I believe I got a decent deal. Service was excellent throughout until the incident... After I took the bike home, I found that the stem was too short. I went back to the shop for a longer stem. I worked with Tony who swapped the stem and told me to go out for a test ride. As I got out the door and began rolling, the wheel went one way and the handlebar went the other! I fell hard on the concrete. The rear skewer, handlebar, and my left leg were damaged. I was bleeding on my knee and my shin. He never tightened the stem to the fork!! Tony said sorry one time and said he would replace the stem but not the handlebar which was scratched through the tape and down to the metal. I just spent $$$ on a nice "new" bike, and he didn't want to change the handlebar, when he was at fault. (He's telling me this as I stand there bleeding) I insisted and waited for him to change the handlebar. Lucky for him and the bike shop, that I didn't get more hurt, and haven't contacted a lawyer.
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wow, some nice bikes! just swung by to see what all the hubub
was about and although it's cramped in there, what a shop. just
bought some lube -- saving up for one of those merlins/
litespeeds/merckx/look. =) they cut my cheapo jenson pazzaz
seatpost for free.
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jksu a 29 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a cannondale r500 (road), jamis dragon (mtb),
John gave me the best deal in town and nation wide after
weeks of searching. he was extremely helpful and should
totally be trusted!
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a Weekend Warrior, riding a kestrel talon,
Best bike shop in the entire LA area, and beyond!
John has a great selection, knowledgable staff, great
prices, but he also offers you good advice. I will never
buy from another shop besides Bicycles Johns, and
you shouldn't either.
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Nicole a 23 year old Weekend Warrior,
They and John seem like nice guys. I am newer to this shop and cycling. Obviously they have a high end selection and great knowledge of service and repair but...I was charged almost $40-$50 more on an a single item I could have got most anywhere else. A friend was astonished and I feel a little violated. Buyer Beware. I would not mind paying more for service when it is quality and of a personal nature. For an iteme they just turn around sell, I think it is wrong!!!
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UNDERTHEGUN a 38 year old Weekend Warrior,
My wife and I have been riding now for five years, and I must credit John for that, He helped us get our first bikes, ones that fit our ability and were not the most expensive, there was no pressure, just good advice. Now we are both expert racers, and would not go anywhere else for bikes or parts, John has helped us at 10 PM on a Friday night to get ready for a race, and his new store is a true candy shop, everything you could want and someone who cares about the riders, what more would you ask for in a LBS
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Phattire a 37 year old Racer, riding a Titus Racer X,
John will really rip you off!!!!he charges more than anybody takes forever fixing a problem and probably he posted some of this good reviews!!!but you'll ba sucker if you buy there.
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JGJ a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a TREK BABY,
Bicycle John is one of the most knowledgable people in the industry today. He deals in mostly high end bikes and he really knows his stuff. His hours are eclectic, choosing on some evenings to work until midnight or later (I know, I've been with him building a bike or two). He won't pressure you into anything you don't want or don't like and he stands behind his product and his work. I travel many miles just to have him work on my bike, and I wouldn't do it if he wasn't worth every last mile of L.A. traffic. I have referred many people to John and they are never disappointed and are always satisfied.
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Uncle Louie a 44 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Santa Cruz Super Light,
I went in looking for a new bike. It was 11:30am on a weekday. I was the only customer in the store. The staff was sitting around yapping. No one came to help me. I left.
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carlscake a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a santacruz superlight,
I took my bike to John to have an upgrade kit put on it, He had my bike for three weeks, while he had it he scratched my bike and then charged me $200.00 more than he quoted me at the outset.
I will never visit his store again or do business with him. While he does have a nice selection on bikes he is not the person I choose to do business with. I really don't know why he has a good reputation. So, I purchased a new Landshard from a nother dealer. Take that John!
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Brian a 37 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Cannondale,
E-mail: - 3/09/02
Bicycle John's is the best bike store in this area. He prides himself on his knowledge and selection. However, my experience has been if you want excuse's why your bikes not ready, and in addition, to be over charged (double Colorado Cyclist Catalog Prices) this is the place for you. I will not do business with John ever again. Buyer beware. Pasadena Velo here I come.
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a Die-hard Enthusiast,
The best high end bike shop in Southern Calif. I purchased a Merlin Extralight with John's help. He let me ride some of his other high end bikes and I decided on the Merlin. John's a great guy and very knowledgable. His prices are actually very good too. I highly recomend you visit Bicycle John's.
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Ara A a 47 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Merlin Extralight,
This LBS is the best in town. John is very knowledgeable, and provided good advise regarding component options. Good selection, prices were a little high on individual items (hey, its a LBS).
Very competitive price on the frame, fork, and
components when purchased as a package. Highly recommended!
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Dirk a 42 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Santa Cruz Superlight,
John's shop is like a cyclist's candy store. The last time I saw this much titanium was in an airplane factory. John is a great guy and always willing to help you out to make sure you get what you need. Very friendly atmosphere, no high pressure salesmen, exceptional customer service. Easily the best shop in the area and probably all of L.A.
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jim k a 34 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Titus QuasiMoto,
John is incredible to work with. He makes sure EVERYTHING is right and won't quit until you're satisfied. He carries the best bikes and knows all about them. The prices are better than the internet AND you get service you wouldn't believe possible. I drive about an hour to get to John's shop and pass by every other one on the way!
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Mark a 50 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a SC Superlight/VaMoots,
great dood,very fair. does everything humanly to please the customer.
No rating
Jonesy a 31 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Trek 9.9,
Johns the man!! Like the others. He will make sure you are happy. If you buy the bike and you don't like the :seat,grips,bars,brakes you name it.Bring it back in A-1 condition within a reasonable time and bing-bang-boom switched. No questions. He plays great music and has a very friendly atmosphere. P.S. This is a high end store but he has bikes for everyone, even rentals.
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Michael Reagan a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Santa Cruz Super,
Bicycle Johns is the best shop I've ever been to.
He sells all My favorite bikes. Moots, Ibis, Merlin, Seven and Litespeed. Not a lot of trendy
junk in this shop just top level mountain and road
stuff. John has been very helpful with helping me
deside between building a custom Ibis or Moots.
What really helped is the fact that he had both
built up and ready to ride. Can't say that about any of the shops in the L.A. area. Most importaintly John won't sell you a bike unless it
has proper fit and is otherwise set up right.
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Shawn SR a 29 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Specialized Stumpjumper Pro,
John is a straight shooter and fine business man. He sells few boxed bikes, instead preferring to fit the rider to the frame and add the rest according to budget. Great service, they stay open late on Tues and Fri, and he's been there for 20 years or so. He's gat the best shop in the area, and I've checked them all.
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brionic a 31 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a trike,
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