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Tony's Schwinn Bike Shop
1112 S Atlantic Blvd , Los Angeles
(213) 263-0712


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I called this shop to ask a couple questions and was extremely impressed by the way they handled my questions and how excited they were to help me out for future references and helping me start my bike business in their own store. I would recommend this store to every single person. Of all the companies i have called in the LA area... this is the only one to embrace my ideas and offer all of their support.
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Bridget a 24 year old
I get misty-eyed when reflecting that I bought my first new bike from Tony, the original Tony, he's probably long dead now 'cause he was an old dude then and that was 1962! Haven't been there in many years but think I'll take my mountaineer for service. Go Garfield Bulldogs!

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Henry a 56 year old riding a mountain,
One of the last OG bike shops along with Dennisons Cyclery. I bought my first bike from Tony's back in 1982 (GT bmx pro Nora Cup). When it comes to bike service Tony's is the place to go. The Man that greets you with a smile is Joe.
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Creep a 33 year old Racer, riding a GT LTS-1,
Tony's bike shop is truly the last community friendly bike shop left. Go in and ask for joe, not only will he help you with al your biking needs, but will treat you as an old friend. Godd customer service better prices and excellent mechanics. Tell joe mike sent ya.
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Ruba shock a 30 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Fuji finest,
Not many bikes in the show room, but the have great service,Low Prices and will cut you a deal,
Go for componets and repairs(all repairs are fast
and lower priced than others they'll even do some
repairs for free)whould have rated higher if they had more bikes to choose from. p.s.ask for Joe
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F. Enriquez a 40 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a cannon-f700,cannonTri-bike,GT4000,Trek2300,
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