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Spokes 'N Stuff
7777 Melrose Ave. , Los Angeles , 90046
Los Angeles County

(323) 653-4099


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avoid this shop.walked in needing just a minor repair on my front greeting from owner whatsoever,but all that changed when i mentioned that i was interested on a new bike he had on display.please stay away from this crappy store.

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michael a 43 year old Weekend Warrior,
I had a great experience here. The owner has lots of experience and was really knowledgeable as to what I was really looking for. I went a couple of times asking more questions each time and researching on the net all bikes etc.. I ended up with exactly what I wanted at a great price. He has Bianchi Jamis and Fuji to name a few. No crap. The techs have been great with any minor thing. They stand behind the bike for a lifetime. Joeys been fair and square to me.
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Jock Ellis a 60 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Bianchi Cortina,
This is the worst bike shop in the hollywood area... listen to all

I walked in with my bike and mentioned that I was having some
difficulty with the brakes. This awful excuse for a human being
(hispanic male with a mustache) comes up to the bike, and says,
"oh okay, I see what the problem is... it'll be $50 bucks to fix it."
I ask him, "Well, what's the problem?" His response was, "You
know, sometimes in life things don't work." -- While I thought
his words of wisdom were very moving, I asked him to clarify
what exactly was wrong with the bike. He kept repeating, "Oh
you know, too hard to explain to you, but it'll be $50 bucks if
you want to fix it."

At that point, I walked out of the store and went to I Martin
Imports on Beverly Blvd (less than a mile away). As I walk in, I
was greeted with a smile, and they asked me what was up with
my bike. I explained the problem, and the guy took the bike
(without mentioning a thing about money), and in LESS THAN A
MINUTE fixed the problem. He explained in detail what the
problem was, and just handed the bike over to me and that was
it. Now, that is what I call a quality bike store.

Spokes 'N Stuff tried to charge me $50 dollars for something
that I Martin Imports was able to fix in less than a minute... but
the problem is beyond that. The service at Spokes 'n Stuff is
awful, the bikes are limited, and the people working at the store
are some of the worst people I've ever come across.

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Charles Korse a 25 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Gary Fisher,

I came into this shop needing a large mess of specialty parts and not having a lot of $. I left with most of the parts I needed, the rest ordered and on their way in (which showed up sooner than expected) and a smile on my face. The service I found helpful and not at all pushy. If I had a question, Joey had an answer. I've been back and I'll be back again.
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Jared a 25 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a custom chopper,
thanks for the tip. i will not buy a bike here...
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Andrew a 28 year old
had a tuneup there a year ago.
tuneup was fine but the customer service was awful.
these reviews are honest. go the the other nearest shops.
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mike a 26 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a mtb,
I was concerned about comments made about the owner of Spokes 'N Stuff . I have been going their for years and enjoy debating with the owner Joey Harris, about all sorts of issues, while my bike was being repaired. All though he and I will not be going to the same political fund raiser, we all agree, that they have reasonable pricing and excellent service.
Bike enthusiast in the Hood
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John a 32 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Haro,
The owner is a complete asshole. There is a good shop with friendly staff on beverly and La cienga, go there
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shane a 24 year old Racer,
the owner is a giant pain in the ass: belligerent and obnoxious. my favorite experience involved going in to get a flat changed and being lectured to on the strategic brilliance of george bush committing 150k US troops to iraq. I think the guy's eyes actually rolled back in his head.
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Matt a 37 year old Die-hard Enthusiast,
I happen to like the service provided by this shop as long as I don`t
have to deal with the shop owner, who really goes out of his way to
be a jerk. Overpriced items and service, but they have always been
spotless on the services provided to me so far.
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Gisele a 30 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Chopper,
Spokes N'Stuff is a neighborhood bike shop catering to the community for over 30 years.Customers purchasing a bike receive a free lifetime warrenty. We specialize in and maintain an extensive inventory of cruisers,BMX's Townies, hybrids and moderately priced mountain bikes, but not high end road bikes. In the best interest of customers shopping for these bikes, we recommend that they consider a bike shop that focuses on high-end road bikes as our selection is limited, duly noted by the cyclist on 4/18/06.
Our 4 mechanics have over 70 years combined experience. We provide expert bike maintenance services and immediate repairs.We service nearly 50 flats every week usually within 30 minutes.However, we will not compromise your safety for a quick fix. Without specific details, the 3/31/05 weekend warrior's comments are difficult to address.Aside from replacing a tube,(which either the rider, or, if desired our mechanics can do), the tire must be street worthy. If a tire is not street worthy we won't install a new tube.Whether a customer purchases a "big ticket" item does not impact our commitment to customer service. We're a neighborhood bike shop and enjoy the interaction and feedback of our customers.If my customers have issues just come in and I'm happy to talk about it.We are both passionate about and love what we do.If your criticism is valid, I will accept it and say thank you for your input.
Happy Riding
Joey Harris
Owner and Founder
Spokes N Stuff
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Spokes N Stuff ( Joey Harris) a Cross-Country Rider, riding a shop owner,
E-mail: - 9/07/06
Terrible shop. Don't even go in. Poor selection, bad mechanic, bad CS.
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Cycler a 27 year old Die-hard Enthusiast,
I did not like this shop. The sign in the window says "expert repairs", but the guys in the back couldnt even change my flat w/o direction. Also, I felt a heavy unwelcome vibe, probably b/c all I needed was to get a flat fixed (I was on a ride at the time and a valve broke) and wasnt buying some big ticket item. I will NEVER return to this shop.
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Jace a 36 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek 930 MB,
Great shop to get khs stuff. there great people to work with.
No rating
Aaron a 21 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Khs team hard tail,
E-mail: - 8/19/01
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