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Safety Cycle Shop
1014 N Western Ave , Los Angeles
(213) 464-5765


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bought a seatpost from this korean dude behind the counter, he was pleasant. the shop seen better days---back in the 1960's...but it has parts and some are cheap and some are over priced. good shop.
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I live in a town that is name "the place of eternal spring",the wheater makes the place fascinating for sports life ,such as mtb, there are dozens of ways with plenty forrest ,rocks and dust that becomes the enviroment in an enjoyable place for riding.
Here is were I began biker style life . Since I first was introduce with this sport ,five years ago, I felt really confortable , I began just practicing it for having good time but eventually I was sligthly snug by a group of friends that had almost the same likes,as a beginer I was feeling in good shape but I'd wish more and more and now , I practice at least three times a week (as well as my job let it me) it had be just for fun but this year I'll be book in the competition that were celebrated near may town.
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ERIK VAZQUEZ CAMACHO a 26 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a GIANT WARP,
Nice owner.
Nice bikes.
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Ed a 27 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a GT Palemero, from Los Angeles
E-mail: - 5/18/99
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