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Bicycle Johns
2056 west ave K , Lancaster, CA. , 93536
Los Angeles County



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Chad's cool. The guy Brian's an IDIOT!!!
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just me a 24 year old Die-hard Enthusiast,
Mike Don't you mean Matt Riding a Yeti. You can bend over backwards for some people and still not please them.
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can't please everyone a 44 year old Die-hard Enthusiast,
sorry i dont talk bad about a shop so i will just say i was not happy with bike jons at all. I spent more money than i needed to. they told me i needed parts that i didnt need. the problem on my bike wasnt fix with them so i took it to a shop in rosamond and they fixed it right away and i had it the next day. sorry Jons I like my money and my ride so I will take it to a shop that knows what they are doing.
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Mike a 53 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a high end,
Bicycle John's Lancaster is moving to a new location. Our moving date is Jan. 22nd 2011. Our new location is: 1715 West ave K, Lancaster. CA
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Bryan a 44 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Giant Tcr Alliance,
no problems at this shop. they trued a 20 deetrack rim and made is perfectly strait. it did not take long either even though they had to get spokes from acton. they also do not look at young kids in discuss. no problems here...
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Mark Lanski a 19 year old Downhiller, riding a 243/ monster, brodie 8 ball,
This is the best second family a guy can have. thanks for making me feel welcome when there is nothing else to do. your shop Rocks literally. haha the quake
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2good a 18 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Trek 1000, 4300,
Bicycle John’s Donation Spikes Success of City’s United Way Fundraiser
Posted Date: 7/27/2009 10:00 AM
This summer, City of Lancaster staff showed that doing their jobs isn’t the only way they help the community. The City’s annual employee fundraiser, led this year by a committee comprised of various City employees, raised more than $20,000 for the local United Way. The group’s primary goal was to keep all donations local, in addition to increasing employee participation.

“Our City employees were very generous,” said Mayor R. Rex Parris. “Knowing that 90 percent of their dollars would stay right here in Lancaster was an added incentive for contributing as much as possible. Helping our own community is always first and foremost.”

City of Lancaster employees participate in United Way fundraisers annually. This year, Bicycle John’s donation of a bicycle to the City’s fundraising effort provided an added incentive for getting involved. Public Works employee Gina Armstrong has a brand new set of wheels to show for it.

In the five years Bicycle John's has been serving the communities of Lancaster, Palmdale, Acton, and Agua Dulce; the business has made it a point to give back to these communities. Bicycle John's is staffed with local talent who has vested time and interest in seeing the Antelope Valley flourish. Every year Bicycle John’s donates money to many worthwhile organizations and individuals. The largest of these organizations is the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s “999 for Kids” program which raises money for physically and mentally challenged children throughout Los Angeles County.

“The City enjoys building relationships with local businesses which not only provide a service, but also support the community overall,” remarked Lancaster Deputy City Manager Jason Caudle.

Bicycle John's also supports a number of smaller local causes, as an adamant sponsor of the Miss Acton Pageant, Paraclete High School, Vasquez High School, and many other community organizations.

Bicycle John’s is most proud of its dedication to the community. As a top level sponsor of the High Desert Cyclists Club, Bicycle John’s receives tremendous support from the cycling community, enabling this business to exist and prosper. The High Desert Cyclists Club is dedicated to increasing the enjoyment and safety of cyclists in the Antelope Valley. Bicycle John’s has made a firm commitment to assisting in the growth of women's cycling. This support is evident in the name of their cycle team: Bicycle John's Serious Cycling Pro Women's Race team.

“The City is a big proponent of healthy living. Every year a variety of classes are offered to promote activities for the entire family. By not only providing a fitness product to our citizens, but also supporting a segment of the community adamant about healthy living; Bicycle John’s is a prime example of the type of businesses we like to attract to Lancaster,” remarked Mayor Parris.

Bicycle John’s is located at 2056 West Avenue K, Lancaster, CA 93536. For more information, visit their website: or call (661) 951-8330.
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Mountianjew a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Giant Allience,

Man I love this shop. I brought my bike in during the summer and Bryan hooked me up. I took a good fall on my mountian bike and i was back on the mountain that next weekend. I went to another local shop and was treated like crap but when i walked in to john's i was greeted with a smile and hello. I will be back again for sure. They are true to there name Serious Cycling and i like that.

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Bubba a 30 year old Downhiller, riding a Cannondale,
Hey this is to Mr Samuel. I love this shop as much as anyone. The people there are awesome and i know for a fact Bryan does not do drugs. He is one of the hardest workers you will ever meet. He is also a Father figure that has a love for riding and those who love it also. I know from experience that when a young kid come in to buy his first real bike Bryan has a bigger smile on his face then the kid. I have Grown up with bryan and he has been the best friend a bike lover can ever have. He has taught me alot. Not just about bikes but about life. If you ever want to talk bad about one of my friends dont because you will just make an ASSHOLE of yourself. Bryan and Deb are the best in the city and i would recommend them for anything. Bike Johns is the AV #1 bike Shop.
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Chris T a 18 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Trek 1000, Trek 4300,
I saw the review that Samual L made and I am shocked! I am the guy you say is on DRUGS!!!! I am sorry that I made you nervous I cannot make everybody happy, but I try my best. If you think I am on Drugs think again! I would explain it but Tamara explained it all. I honestly think that before you go on a public forum you should get your facts straight!!!!! I am lucky to have use of my left arm, I am in a lot of pain all the time but at least I don't sit on SSI for the rest of my life and I am living a productive life. I was in a accident that left my left arm paralyzed until I had surgery. My doctors were the best I have use of my left arm again thanks to organ donors and a lot of hardware and physical therapy. If you like the shop but I make you nervous then I am sorry for that but I am not the only person there. please feel free to deal with someone else to make your experience at Bicycle Johns a good one. I feel I am owed an apology and since you felt it necessary to make public comments about me then maybe you will make a public apology...... If not then so be it.. Bryan
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Bryan a 43 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Giant Allience,
E-mail: - 10/12/09
This is in response to Samuel who made the comment that Bryan is on Drugs. Shame on you for making an assumption with out knowing any facts. I will answer why he was both sweating and shaking. First the shaking, in 1999 he was in a serious car accident while ridding a bike. In this accident he broke his neck and was told he would be paralyzed, but, with G-d, wonderful doctors and a whole lot of luck which left Bryan with 2 cadaver dicks and 6 titanium pins and screws, Bryan was able to walk and work the only remaining but permanent effects are he will have shaking when he over uses his arm and be in pain for the remainder of his life. Bryan works very hard to make sure that each bike he works on is in top condition this means he goes far beyond what other people might he does this so that you his customers have a bike that is both safe and fun to ride. Bryan also chooses to volunteer his free time to fix bikes for the handicapped children in the local school district. Bryan does NOT DO DRUGS!!!! and as far as the sweating in concerned Men sweat when doing hard work. I have stated that he has a strong work ethic this ethic includes taking each bike threw the paces by ridding them he rides them hard and fast to make sure that each and every component is working in top form. You made a assumption based on 0 facts and in doing so came very close to slander this could impact not only him but the store in which he works. I hope you will read this and make not only a public apology on this site, but think long and hard before doing something like this again for I am sure you have heard what they say about assumptions. You make an ass out of U.
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Tamara a 38 year old Weekend Warrior,
Nice shop great eye candy. Plenty of stuff to choose from.
There's a guy in there I think is on drugs. He couldn't stop shaken and sweating. Not normal if you ask me. Like I said great store the guy just made me nervous.
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Samual L. a 52 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Lightspeed,
Many thanks to DEB and Bryan for putting on the Bagel ride. It was awesome!!! I love you guys and your shop!!!
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CTTCYCLIST820 a 18 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a TREKS ,
Since the first day i walked into that shop i was alwaysed welcomed with a smile and hello. I love the atmosphere they have in there. I have known the mechanic Bryan for close to 6 years. Bryan is amazing at what he does and I trust him with my bikes more then anyone in the AV. The owner Deb is also a cool Person who knows what she is doing.I would rather spend my money and my time there before going to another shop in town. Thanks for Making my time and momey well spent. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!=)
No rating
CTTCYCLIST820 a 18 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a TREK,
I really liked the Specialized Roubaix sl2. I bought the frame from the local Specialized dealer in Lancaster CA. but I did not trust the Mechanics there. I took my frame and fork to Bicycle Johns Lancaster, I Bought Campy 11 Speed components and for $150.00 The owner Debra and Bryan, her Employee Custom Built my bike. I love it. They did a great job building my bike and I recommend them highly.
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specializedroubaixsl2 a 48 year old Racer, riding a specializedroubaixsl2,
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