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Epic Cycles
120 N. Topanga Canyon Blvd. , Topanga Canyon , 90290
Los Angeles County



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If the review by John Zachariah is by the same crazy guy who tried to rip me off, totally disregard it. The guy is a dishonest lunatic. I honestly believe he is insane and a very dangerous person. Seek him out on Craigslist trying to meet with women for any number of reasons. F&*^k@r tried to steal my domain names by intimidation. Once he realized I knew him for what he was, he wrote all sorts of crazy shizzle.
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Honest Person a 50 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specilized (built in 1980!),
I was verbally attacked and slandered and even threatened by
Epic Cycle when I refused to participate in unprofessional

Conor Colburn who is the owner of Epic Cycle was selling bicycle
parts on craigslist. When I refused to meet him in Topanga
Canyon at 11 pm at night he insulted my personality and
verbally harrassed me. When I asked him if I can come in the
daytime during normal business hours he refused.

I noticed that on craigslist there are several accussations against
Epic Cycle. Some have called Mr. Colburn a scammer.

When I threated to call the police on him I got a threatening
email from his father.

I am in my 40's and I have never been treated with such abuse
and unprofessionalism in my life. Consumers must not accept
these types of business practices.
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john Zachariah a 40 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a salsa,

very friendly and informative, I want to bring my friends over there.
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Hoon Kim a 36 year old Downhiller, riding a Banshee Scream ,
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