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4060 E. Main Street , Ventura , 93003
Ventura County



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This is the worst bike shop I have ever been to. When you walk in the door, no one greets you or even acknowledges your presence. I ordered a part close to two months ago and did not hear a peep from them as to the status of my order until I went into the shop today to figure out what was going on. They couldn't find it so they took my number and said I would receive a call in a hour or so. I waited 3 hours and then called them myself and was told to again leave my number. I canceled my order with them and will be taking my business elsewhere. When I was ordering my part two months ago, the person working the register took the person from behind me in line before he got to me. I had been waiting at the counter for around 10 minutes by that time and the guy he helped had just walked in the door. This was not a busy day as I saw maybe one other person in the store. I've never had a good experience going into that shop so these were not just bad days at the shop. I can see one bad day but not every day I go in there. The only reason I kept going was because I didn't know where the other bike shops in the area were. Now that I do, I will never set foot in this store again.
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Tim a 22 year old Cross-Country Rider,
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