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Newhall Bicycle Company
24343 Railroad ave , Newhall , 91321
Los Angeles County



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Bianchi, Rocky Mtn, Jamis
Everything for Road, Mtn and other bikes, we can special order almost anything.
Roger and Newhall Bikes is the best. I have bought four bikes from Roger and would never buy from anyone else. he is beyond fair and has helped me out in pinch several times.I cannot say enough about this guy and his shop.VERY HONEST AND TRUST WORTHY
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GAIL a 46 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a ROCKY MOUNTAIN SLAYER,
this place is great. I was just there over the weekend for some work on bike. Friendly service and great prices - 10 minutes away from the Valley
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Dean Deloach a 43 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Stump Jumper,
I've been friends with Roger since 1995. He's the one my wife blames or creating a cycling addict. Roger, his brother and father introduced me to cycling and racing. The best thing I can say about Roger is that I've recommended him to a variety of friends and business associates without reservation. They were always great warmly and given great servvce. He will never belittle the new rider, yet can talk the talk with the pro rider because he walks the walk. Just be careful on the sprints because the guy is superstrong and your ego may take a beating. Ride on Rog.
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Jim Matthews a 48 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Colnago CT2 and Santa Cruz Superlight,
I have'nt rode for awhile. I heard about Rodger from a Fork Manufacture. Nice guy did not try to sell something I did'nt need.
I went in the shop limping after a crash,twice.
He told me keep riding. The guy from the manufacture did'nt work where he did ,he take his bike Rodger. Nice compliment!

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John Lodge a 55 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Santa Cruz Superlight,
E-mail: - 5/15/07
Newhall Bicycle Co. is the only place to shop in L.A. Roger is
always kind and helpful, whether it be a simple service call or a
new bike purchase - this is the place to shop. And don't let that
long chin-beard thing growing on Roger's face fool you, this guy
will kick your a$$ to camp 9. Unless of course you buy a new
bianchi....part of the purchase price includes one free "king of
the hill" win on a Saturday group ride.
Relish in it my friend....
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Andy a 30 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Uh, some off brand Italian company. Bianchi?,
Roger is the BEST. I got what we believe is the first Bianchi Coast To Coast 9*2*8 Carbon sold in America! The bike is built for endurance rides, so I broke it in on "". Great bike. Great race. Great guy (Roger). Great wife (his boss). Great shop!
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Rottweiler a 46 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Bianchi C2C,
E-mail: - 10/16/06
Roger is the real deal! I am a brand new road bike rider and went on the Monday afternoon ride with Roger and the guys this week. Roger took personal interest in me including taking the time to explain the elemental basics of road riding with a group. While of course I was not able to stay up with the pace of the group the entire ride, they were exceptionally patient and encouraging. They waited for a couple of us slower riders and never seemed to be anything but 100% supportive.
Stop by Roger's shop for one of his group rides and experience this warm and inclusive support for yourself!
Thanks Roger!!
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Brian Murphy a 47 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Trek,
Sometimes all it takes is one little thing to make a shop great in my opinion. It was a Friday around 2:30, when my daughter informed me her bike had a problem, and one that I couldn't fix. She had a triathlon the next morning. Roger, the owner, was there when I took it in and pleaded my case. He made no promises but said he would try and to call him at 5:30. By 4:30 Roger had cut new threads, fixed it, and told me it was ready to be picked up. The service was awesome and so was the price, so I threw in a cold six pack for a tip! Thanks Roger!
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Scott a 38 year old Weekend Warrior,
My husband, Roger, is a very hard working and loyal owner. He set is sight on being a shop owner more than 10 years ago and is finally living out his dream. He will focus his attention on the beginner, making the rider feel like one of the gang, and also push the others into pushing themselves! Keep up the hard work honey, Elijah, Caleb Abigail and I are behind you all the way!
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Shannon Hasper a 33 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Bianchi,
Roger DOES CARE & he is living his dream by owning his own shop! If you read the local paper or even search the mags you will often find a write up with pics of Roger & his shop!! He msut be doing something right to get all the free add space!(heh-heh!)...What he does is BIKES RIGHT! :) P.S. He does Wednesay night rides out of the shop & also knows all the hot trails in the area...swing by for the killer rides!
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Matt W a 46 whew! year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Ellsworth Moment & Spynergys,
E-mail: - 10/16/05
Newhall Bicycle is owned and operated by Rodger Hasper. Rodger knows bike. He is a super wrench and a very honest, hard working young man. His shop is gaining popularity throughout the Santa Clarita Valley. He organizes weekly rides for both mountain bike and road bikes. His customers are very loyal, almost cult-like.
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Len Cole a 64 year old Cross-Country Rider, riding a Giant NRS1 & Bianchi 928 Veloce,
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