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Budget Bicycles
2750 Colorado Blvd , Eagle Rock , 90041
Los Angeles County



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they are just as pricey as everyone. BUT the customer service is better than any i have been to. i have never used clipless pedal and shoes. the sales guy tony ! took the time to bring out his bike and shoes and give me countless demos. he even offer to have my bring my bike down and help me learn..dude's been incredible .ya gotta go in and ask for tony he is cool. 16 yr racer knows the drill seriously..thanks Tony and budget bikes.
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don worthington a 49 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a mongoose,
E-mail: - 11/15/10
good shop, parking lot sucks. mountain bike parts are very limited. You roadies will like the place better.
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I had a good experiance purchasing my '07 Trek FX7.3 bike. They
made a good deal on bike and rack combo and offered me a test
ride. Friendly staff.
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Vic Ghazarian a 46 year old riding a Trek FX7.3,
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