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The Bike Company
21098 Bake Parkway Suite 112 , Lake Forest , 92630
Orange County



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A review of a bike shop should be based on three things. 1. Service 2. Knowledge and quality of products sold 3. Attitiude
THe Bike Company is simply the best shop to go to for CUSTOM bike service, quality and knowledge in Orange County. First of all, Joe, Terri, and Tracy provide wrench service that is unparalelled by any other shop. They know how to fix and tune bikes, period.

Second, the shop only carries top of the line product. Santa Cruz, turner, Intense, Ibis, Foes, Bianchi, are some of the frames I have seen come through the shop. SRAM, Fox, Shimano, Oakley, Rockshox, and Marzocchi are some names that come to mind when I look around the shop. Most of the product carried is tested by Mike or Joe,and everyone else who woorks their, so it is proven to be sound product out on the trail; where it counts.

Lastly, the shop is owned by cyclists who go beyond passion for the sport; they live a cycling lifestyle. It is in this way that the love for bikes, and riding them, comes out. The attitude and feel of this shop is one that promotes a riding lifestyle.

I suggest that you go in, check it out and shop at the Co. You will be glad you did.

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Tom SMith a 41 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Turner RFX, Ibis Mjo, Foes DHS Mono,

I have only bought tubes and tires at this shop, but I can say that the customer service is TOP NOTCH. I race track and road and do lite mtn. bike riding,,,I have sponsors for most of my gear, but I have to say, I have spent tons of time with SEVERAL other O.C & L.A. shop owner friends/competitors/sponsors and even though I don't buy from this store, I always feel welcome when I stop by. They are always there with a smile and nice words. Terri and Mike are really great and have alot of knowledge. These guys are not only the best at what they do, they love it! This is what great shops are about. The owner obviously knows what he's doing. If I have to buy anything,I'd buy it from The Bike Company for sure. Kelly, Cat 2 road & Track (USCF)
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Kelly a Racer, riding a Torelli, Tsunami, Simonetti, GT, Gary F.,
E-mail: - 6/28/06
SOrry, but I phoned ahead to find bike shorts and they said they had them. Nope - they didn't. Then they sent me to Cycle World or something down the street - it was a motorcycle shop.
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Max Lee a 32 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Specialized Stumpjumper,
The absolute best shop in So. Cal! I'll drive down there anytime from West LA to get service or make a purchase Screw Supergo! I drove down there, for the first time, to purchase a front hydraulic brake. I hauled my way back to LA, only to notice that they had given me a rear brake. Of course, I was angry as hell. I called and Sage told me to bring my rig down along with the wrong brake, and he'll exchange and install it for no charge. All I can say is that the staff and mechanics are top notch, both professionally and personally. Kudos to the Bike Company!
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This is the best shop around for DH and Freeride equipment and gear.
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DHRipper a 28 year old Racer, riding a lot of different bikes,
E-mail: - 11/30/01
These guys are simply the best.
Like the guy with the review below, I too am a nightmare customer, but they always take care of me right. This crew is on top of what is happening in Mountainbiking like no other shop i've been to.
I have no need to go anywhere else, they've got it all!
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Christopher a 37 year old Weekend Warrior, riding a Santa Cruz Bullit,
If you shop at any other store, you would be making a mistake. I have been a nightmare customer to deal with and yet they have made me feel welcome in their shop always, almost as if I work there. The staff makes an effort to get to know you on a 1st name basis, very personalized service. Go see John, Sage, Dan and the gang and get yourself hooked up.
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Tom Smith a 35 year old Die-hard Enthusiast, riding a Intense Uzzi SLX,
Great selection great staff great prices!!! I can't believe the prices I get from these guys!!! I won't be shopping anywhere else as long as I live near this shop!!!
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Moe a 34 year old riding a Bullit, FSR, Schwinn Cruiser,
Just stop by and check this store out some day. Chances are your jaw will drop to the floor seeing all the nice frames on the wall--Bullits, Tracers, Truths, Superlights, heck, even a Dare right now. One of the few shops I have seen Rocky Mountains available. What the showroom lacks in size it really makes up for in quality. This freeride/downhiller pro shop seems something of an odd neighbor to the florist just next door!

Really nothing but great comments on the people there too. You will pretty much bump into everyone and their dog (no, really!) over there at one time or another as everyone kicks back to jawbone over ride stories. I know the owner (Jon) to be pretty personable, while the more stoic Daniel at the counter once helped me with a sick freeride facelift, all the while betraying just the smallest evil glimmer in his eyes. Kudos to wrench extraordinaire Mike and crew for the two fine machines they have set me up with--seems like I always find loctite in all the right places.
Their mountain website appears below--just be ready when you stop in that you might not see the usual cash register clanking away and spitting out receipts. The biz has quite a bit of mail order character, with picks, work orders, the whole shebang.

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