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User Name: Sidewalk psycho
Home State or Country: europe
Age: 35
From: London
Bike: Formerly pk ripper+gt pro performer
Type of rider: Weekend Warrior
Gender: Guy
General Info:
i used to ride a pk ripper in 84 but wanted a pro performer in 85 my mum said to sell the pk! so i saved and got the gt f+f and swapped the parts and then slowly rebuilt the pk with mainly used quality parts ( 2 full bikes worth almost 1000.. not bad for a 17 yr old!!)im trying to get my son into bikes but he's only into ps2,ive just got him a 99 pro performer which ive gotta strip and respray, i gave my gt to my nephew and now i gotta pay him to get it back to restore or sell, so if my boy gets into it i can go out on the ol' gt again and about 2 years ago i needed the bike for work and found i could still ride out of tailwhip and boomerangs!! not bad eh although i wasnt upto getting the police or car park attendants to chase me round the town, so if you see an ageing psychobilly fan on a green gt being chasted by the boys in blue ............. it wasnt me i was at home watching tv!!! honest
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