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 Fuji BERKELEY 10 spd. Info needed
Two summers ago I purchased a Fuji Berkeley 10 speed. What seems to be a cross of a tour/mtn. bike has 1 1/8 inch tires and 27 inch rims, mtn. bike handle bars. granny spring seat. Fuji stamped on top of the forks, Fuji emblem on the neck, and Fuji VALite tubing printed on the frame. I've never seen another like it. I cant seem to find any information on it, and was wondering about what year it was made, what type of bike it is, and how much it retailed for when it came out? This has been a great bike for me, and have enjoyed it very much. I even gave up a Motobecane Super Marriage for it. (may have been a mistake monetary wise) but I just love the comfortable way the Fuji rides. Any information to the Fuji Berkeley 10 speed would be greatly appreciated. Thank You if you can give me any feed back on it too. Sincerely yours, radpoet1@aol.com a.k.a.Bob
Posted by Robert A. Deming a 42 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Fuji BERKELEY 10 speed from Kentucky on 08/20/02

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    I just purchased a Fuji Berkeley 10 speed from a second hand store. There was a 1988 Minnesota licence on it. I would guess it was made that year. I would appreciate any information you could foreward to me about it. I love the bike and am having a good time with it.
    Posted by Johno a 55 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Fuji Berkeley from Mpls, MN on 05/11/03

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    Re: Fuji BERKELEY 10 spd. Info needed
    The Fuji Berkeley was sold from about 1982 through the fall of 1984, when it was replaced by the Fuji Sagres. It was sold as a low-to-midlevel sport touring 10-speed (some later Berkeleys had 12-speed Suntour gearing) that came in a wide range of sizes. It has a nice, quality chrome-vanadium butted VAlite 414 steel frame combined with fairly low-end running gear (steel Suntour/sugino chainrings/cogset/crankset) which was done to keep the price down. It was well known as a nice-riding bike; unfortunately it weighed upwards of 29-31 lbs. with its cheap running gear, and very heavy crank- and wheel-set. The Berkeley has standard Japanese bottom bracket measurements, so it can use more modern bottom brackets and cranksets, plus it will accept a somewhat wider rear Shimano cassette with a little persuasion. Though it has an old-fashioned derailleur hangar, it can still be modified to a Shimano 7-speed cogset for up to 14 speeds with no problems.

    Upgrading the Berkeley with more modern, lightweight running gear (lighter Suntour VX or Cyclone derailleurs, aluminum seatpost and handlebar, lighter 700c wheelset, more gears) can result in a bike weight under 25 pounds and give you a bike that's a joy to ride for sport or commuting purposes.

    Posted by Deserted on 07/14/08

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      STP, the post is over 5 years old fer chrissakes!

      Posted by GhostRider a 31 year old Downhiller on 07/17/08

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        And as a 31-year old 'downhiller', you care because..??

        FYI, Lots of people google for info on their bikes FYI, and this is a post that will come up for them. At 31, you should be old enough to have learned how to get along with others - one would think.
        Posted by Deserted on 07/20/08

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