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Le Grand Depart- Yorkshire
I'm new to this forum, and would like some help please.

I have owned this bike from new- its a Puch made by the Austro Daimler company.
If my memory is correct I bought this in 1974- very expensive at the time.

It is in fantastic condition with all original features such as
Weltmeister " in sport und technic " frame 482 Tubing
Shimano 600 10 speed gear set
Corsaire 313 leather seat
Weinmann/ Vainqueur brakes 610/999

Has anyone a view on the likely value of this

Many thanks guys

Posted by Mike Mike a 50 year old Die-hard Enthusiast riding a Austro Daimler Puch Weltmesister 482 from Yorkshire on 07/11/14

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  • Re: Le Grand Depart- Yorkshire
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  • Re: Le Grand Depart- Yorkshire
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  • Re: Le Grand Depart- Yorkshire
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