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 Mongoose xr500
Hi, I am new to the sport and I have a buddy that is willing to sell me his Mongoose xr500 for $100. I was wondering about this bike and if it is worth the money. And if not, what is the best deal.

Posted by Cmway a 30 year old Weekend Warrior riding a mongoose from AR on 07/17/02

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  •  Re: Mongoose xr500
    well its Ok for 100. If its a money thing, go ahead and
    get it. Its an older model relatively good bike about 5
    yrs old. But , Mongoose is coming out with a new line of
    bikeshop quality FS bikes under $600 replacing the
    one I bought earlier this year. I have the cheap
    Mongoose Zero G2 currently priced at $350-$400. I find
    FS is the way to go and for that price range you cant
    beat it.
    Posted by Mongoose riding a Mongoose G2 from Montrose on 07/18/02

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    •  Re: Mongoose xr500
      Hi, Thanks for your reply. I was wondering if this was a Wal-Mart bicycle(XR500). I have noticed that Mongoose now caters to WalMart.
      Posted by Cmway on 07/18/02

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      •  Re: Mongoose xr500
        yes it is.
        Posted by Yrwrstntmr on 07/24/02

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        •  Re: Mongoose xr500
          Is this a good deal for a Wallly World bike for $100.00. What should I can Out? I think the front shocks?


          Posted by Cmway on 08/02/02

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