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 Trek Fule 80 vs Schwinn Rocket 88 stage 4
Okay I'm trying to decide on a new (and my first) FS mountain bike. My price range is around $1000 and the LBS has these two bikes. I have the catalogs w/ me so i'll list the info:
Trek Fuel 80
Frame: Fully independent cross country suspension at a hardtail weight. Alpha SLR aluminum in a Pro Race geometry.

Wheels: Bontrager Corvair is fast and tough, with machined sidewalls for smooth braking.

Suspension: Rock Shox Judy C fork (80mm travel) and Cane Creek AD-5 rear air shock (up to 3" of rear wheel travel) are dialed for XC racing.

Components: Shimano Alivio crank and 24-speed shifting. Deore RD, SRAM 5.0 FD.

website: http://www.trekbikes.com/bikes/2001/mtn/fuel80_main.html
Schwinn Rocket 88 Stage 4

Completely New for 2001 Schwinn Ride Tuned™ Rocket 88™ Suspension Frame w/ Custom Drawn, Shaped & Swaged Tubing: Hi/Lo 4-Pivot™ Suspension Technology w/ 88mm of Vertical Stoke Travel, and Replaceable Sealed Cartridge Bearings at all Pivots

New “Leading Axle” Manitou Magnum Suspension Fork w/ Adjustable Preload & 76mm of Spring/Elastomer Travel and Fox Vanilla Rear Shock

27-Speed Drive-Train w/ Shimano LX/XT Derailleurs, Shimano Deore Rapid Fire Shifters, & Tektro Alloy Direct Pull Brakes & Levers

Tioga Factory XC Sport Double Wall Alloy Rims w/ CNC Sidewalls, Kore 1.5” Riser Bar & Kore Lite, Michelin XL Tires

website: http://store.schwinn.com/cgi-bin/ncommerce3/ProductDisplay?prrfnbr=167853&cat_num=49081&prmenbr=177&CGRY_NUM=49084&cgrfnbr=49081

I'm wanting a durable bike that'll last me a little while and one that can take some medium size drops.

The thing that worries me about the Trek is that it seems to use lower end front and rear derailleurs. Should that concern me that much?

Any and all suggestions welcome. My only bike options are trek, schwinn and cannondale.

Thanks -
Posted by Philip on 05/11/01

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  •  Re: Trek Fule 80 vs Schwinn......suck
    Don't bother with the Schwinn, they won't even be in business next year and if they are they will be selling at wal-mart and target. The ugly truth is that Trek is looking to take over Schwinn/Gt as we speak. If this happens you can say good by to GT and schwinn will be sub-par. Schwinn is so far in debt I doubt anyone could turn them around. All the reps for schwinn are looking for other work due to the fact that they havent even placed orders for their sample bikes! What this means to you and me is that it is to late to have any new product for next year. So if you are looking to by a new bike pick a Giant or a Trek because Schwinn/Gt is toast, and support a shop that carries other brands besides GT or Schwinn, the reason being is that if they havn't started carring alternitive lines knowing the news about GT/Schwinn they will be going bye-bye as well. Spend your money wisely and support a shop that will be around next year...Good luck
    Posted by MasterQ on 05/11/01

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    •  Re: Trek Fule 80 vs Schwinn......suck
      I don't know where MasterQ gets their info. but this rumor is such. I have yet to hear this claim about Schwinn going out. It sounds like he just does not like the product. I have had two and the most recent a Moab/equiped with Avid Disc which is a great bike for just under $1000. You make your own opinion. I am not bad mouthing Trek because I think it is a good bike as well. But dollar for dollar Schwinn is the best buy.
      Posted by Moab70 a 31 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Moab Disc from Mars Hill on 05/12/01

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      •  Re: Trek Fule 80 vs Schwinn......suck
        I work for Nirve and our bikes are made at the same factory in the PRC. It is and has been a well known fact that Schwinn will not have bikes for next year, you can go to your nearest dealer and they will give you the scoop. If I had to choose between the two I would stay away from any Schwinn or GT. I have nothing bad to say about the Rocket only that the buyer will get screwedin the end. Schwinn/Gt is so far in debt that when their second boat load of bikes came over they could not pay to pick up the containers from the dock, this is where Haro stepped in. Haro payed all fee's and shipping cost and will be housing the bikes untill they can afford to pay off their debt. Just be carfull on what ever your choice is, you may save a dollar now but you will be sorry you skimped and bought only on price. If you are looking for a goog quality DS cross country you would be doing yourself a disservice if you havn't explored your options. You should be looking at Giant, K2, or specialized. The Feul is nice but the other three offer lighter and stiffer bikes at a better price. What ever your choice is,good luck!
        Posted by MasterQ on 05/12/01

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  •  Re: Trek Fule 80 vs Schwinn Rocket 88 stage 4
    Both bikes are good. You're a savvy shopper, because most won't go do the basic research. Schwinn seems to edge out the Trek as far as the derlrs go, and the newly redesigned Rocket has been getting good reviews. Again, don't know where MasterQ is getting his info, but consider that Schwinn has been around for over a hundred years. The Trek Fuel is a good bike too, though. How much weight difference are you looking at between the two? That's an important consideration as well, and could have some influence.

    Posted by STP1 a 42 year old Cross-Country riding a 98' Schwinn Homegrown from Lancaster on 05/12/01

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  •  Its FUEL...
    not Fule, Foole, Fewel, Fewl or any of the above. Pullease! We gotta at least get the bike names spelled right.
    Whew, I'm OK now.
    Posted by Dan-oh on 05/12/01

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    •  Re: Its FUEL...
      Before the Prof jumps in, it's "it's," not "its," Dan-oh. ;-)
      Posted by ODB on 05/12/01

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      •  Re: Its FUEL...
        Posted by Dan-oh on 05/12/01

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  •  Re: Trek Fuel 80 vs Schwinn Rocket 88 stage 4
    Interesting toss-up. Let's see:

    For me, the Rocket 88 would be the winner out the door for long-term sastisfaction. KIS/keep is simple in my book: the Schwinn is Scheme-mano industry standard 27 speed + easily upgradeable/replaceable LX/XT (XT? really? the detailed specs from Schwinn lists LX/Deore. Check it out...) Disc mounts on both...good! The standover height of the Trek might be a factor; and it has a slightly longer wheelbase (theoretically less nimble.)

    While I've heard nothing but raves on the Cane Creek shocks, (the Schwinn's) coil-over is probably the way to go if you really intend to do some medium drops (Do I hear an up-and-coming freerider here? Then why are you even looking at the self-proclaimed XC-racing Trek Fuel? What is the weight difference, and would that be a factor on the trails you want to ride?) Plus consider a future fork upgrade. Could you/do you want to match a 4" fork with 3"/76mm (Trek) or 3.5"/88mm (Schwinn) in the rear? Would a nice Stratos coil-over fit the Trek Fuel? The Schwinn?

    As mentioned above, I'm also a little worried that your options are limited to these two 2001 models. Spring is the time for clearance sales! Maybe try to find a killer deal on a "new" 2000 Schwinn 4Banger (Hayes disc + 4" travel--5" travel upgradeable. Supergo--local bike store--had several for ~$1200 in March)

    Whatever you choose, either of these bikes would make an excellent choice, especially if it will be your first FS bike. Good riding to you, and go easy on the "medium" drops!

    Posted by Caff Man a 31 year old Weekend Warrior riding a XCR2000/4Banger from Mission Viejo on 05/12/01

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