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 Motiv Rockpoint
I have just bought a Motiv Rockpiont mt bike. I have two quetsions. I want to raise the handle bar... How? The handle bar clamps to the post and the post dosn't seam to raise. Also, I need a longer seat post... Where do I find one? So far this bike has handled everything I can put it though. I've been happy with it, just trying to make it a little more comfortable to ride.
Posted by JPEllsworth a 33 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Motiv Rockpoint from New England on 6/13/00

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  •  Re: Motiv Rockpoint
    Sounds like your a newbie. First buy a book on mountain bike repair. Until then take the bike to the bike shop so you don't make an expensive error. only a suggestion.
    Posted by Dunk a 35 year old Weekend Warrior riding a SM2000 Micargi Full suspension on 6/24/00

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    •  Micargi SM2000
      Please gimme info on your Micargi bike. I found an on-line site blowing out Micargi bikes but I know nothing about these or any other bikes for that matter. I'm interested in the 900, 1000 model. How's the bang for buck? I'm only a weekend rider and I need something to pull a child trailer with to get coffee with the family too. Thanks
      Posted by Hagendager a 30 year old Weekend Warrior riding a None yet from Fresno on 11/22/01

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  •  Re: Motiv Rockpoint
    I have a rockpoint. nice bike! i took it to a bike shop and asked them to raise the handle bar they said that that type does not raise! So don't try or you may break it!
    Posted by Mountain Bike Rider a 35 year old Cross-Country riding a motic rock point from Albany, NY on 8/02/00

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  •  Re: Motiv Rockpoint
    If you have to raise both your seat and your stem, your bike is probably too small for you in the first place. the only way to "raise" you handle bar is to buy a new stem with a steeper angle on it.
    Posted by MissingColorado a 26 year old Weekend Warrior riding a 1999 Raleigh M600 from Santa Monica on 8/02/00

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  •  Re: Motiv Rockpoint
    Go to performancebike.com and ask for a catalog. In the catalog you can find a device catalog #00-1983A pg 58 that will raise your stem by up to 3". They also have loads of seat post. I have the Rockpoint as well and I have also found the seat post to be aweful short and I am planning to get a longer post as well. Good Luck
    Posted by Fsmodeler a 27 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Motiv Rock Point from Texas on 8/11/00

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