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I just bought a Women's Schwinn Ranger at Target for $129. I have only used it a few times, I like it a lot but I am having problems with the breaks. I have looked everywhere online and can find nothing about the Schwinn Ranger. Help!!
Posted by Carrie a 23 year old on 05/14/03

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  •  Re: Schwinn
    Might want to take it into your LBS-local bike store-to have them looked at, especially if you did not assemble yourself.

    Posted by Likelystory on 05/15/03

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  •  Safety is paramount
    Have a competent mechanic (LBS or friend) adjust the brakes. It is crucial that they work properly (duh).

    Here is a link with some good info on brakes (your brakes are not specific to your particular bike).


    Posted by Skywalker on 05/16/03

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  •  Re: Schwinn
    I also recently purchased the Ranger for me and am in the same situation. The schwinn.com site only comes as close as the mesa and even that is a different bike. Any and all replies would be appreciated and links would be even better.

    Posted by Knatchwa a 26 year old Cross-Country riding a Schwinn Ranger on 07/10/03

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    •  Re: Schwinn---read this please
      Again, I must explain this stupid philosophy from Pacific Bikes. After buying the Schwinn and Mongoose namesakes, they decided to sell another line for mass merchandisers. But "thank god" , the GT arm did not go that way. The "Ranger" is the tinsel steel bike that is one of the
      Schwinn mass merchandise units. It isn't the bike shop
      line unit, so it is not on the website. Also, the Mongoose bikes at department stores are not on the Mongoose website as well.
      Pacific did not start this 'hybrid' selling theory.
      Brunswick which owned Mongoose before Pacific started this
      "hybrid" selling structure and outraged Mongoose dealers
      since the mid 90's. When Pacific went ahead with hybriding
      the Schwinn moniker, it broke the camel's back with bikeshops. Many dealers stopped selling Schwinn, and also
      stopped buying GT.
      The MESA is NOT the same bike as the RANGER. The frame of the Mesas are 7005 alloy opposed to tinsel steel. Also the
      Mesas have the "Epicenter" seat stays and the RANGER uses
      the generic triangle. I'm guessing the mass merchandising
      Schwinns and Mongoose are sub contracted by another manufacturer.
      The Ranger is a good bike, I've seen it and it will last for years---on the street. For being a real mountain bike--
      I wouldn't give it much time.--- L.A. Schwinn Dealer

      Posted by Fatcat on 07/10/03

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      •  Re: Schwinn---read this please
        I just saw the Ranger at Target, and it does seem like a decently constructed bike for the money, even though it's a stepchild of the Schwinn line. Overall weight was lighter than what I normally expected from the $1xx category, and I didn't see the usual signs of cost cutting, other than the absence of a rear quick release-

        Posted by Wingerr a 38 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Cannondale from NY on 10/04/03

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      •  Re: Schwinn---read this please
        Thanks for the replies.

        This is a followup to the same mesage, at this point my Ranger has coverered near 7000 miles and holding strong, on the mountain biking part of it, I've been up and down Fort Ord, A local mountain biking park and have been on just about every route and the bikes still stands strong, I have had to replace the brakes and the drive train but overall, it seems to me the bike has served me very well for the price. There are always multiple views and can be appreciated.

        Thanks for the response.

        Posted by Knatchwa a 28 year old Cross-Country riding a Schwinn Ranger 2.6 fs from Salinas, CA on 10/27/04

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  •  Re: Schwinn
    ahh hah! this is y we buy bikes form the lbs not walmart. does the schwinn have a warruntee or however the f-u-c-k you spell it?
    Posted by Joe m a 14 year old Weekend Warrior riding a cannondale f300 which he baught HIMSELF from nj on 07/10/03

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    •  Re: Schwinn
      pacfic brakes? i agree it is a bad bike the pk7 is better
      Posted by Lighting a 13 year old Weekend Warrior riding a Vertical pk7 from Elmhurst on 10/05/03

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    •  Re: Schwinn
      You're an idiot. Why would you even bother posting?
      Posted by Cobiker on 05/27/09

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